American Maritime Voices is dedicated to a strong American Maritime and was created in partnership with the American Maritime Partnership as a place to convene, educate, and activate the voices of Americans who care deeply about the future of American Maritime. 

Whether you or somebody you love works in the maritime industry on a shipyard, at a port terminal, or on a vessel; or if you yourself care about American Maritime and want to make sure our nation remains dedicated to being the maritime nation that it has always been, American Maritime Voices is the place for you. 

American Maritime Voices offers its member “Voices” a place to learn more about American Maritime, what’s happening in Washington DC and throughout the world that impacts maritime, and a platform to use your VOICE to speak up about issues that matter to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who will my email be shared with?
    Nobody but the American Maritime Voices team. For this project, we have built our own database. We will keep it private. We will not sell or share your information with anyone.

  • How much spam will I get if I sign up?
    None! We will not share your email so the only emails you’ll get will be from us.

  • How many emails will I get from you?
    It’s up to you! We will calibrate based on your engagement. If you take action with every email, you’ll see more. If you only open one email a year, you’ll only get emails when there’s an attack on the Jones Act.

  • When will you contact me?
    We will send some regular updates, no more than one a month. Additionally, if there is ever a threat to the Jones Act, we will let you know! Those can be difficult to predict, but we will only alert you when we need your voice to make a difference. You will also get a Welcome email when you first join.

  • Are you going to ask me for money?

  • Are you going to ask me to donate to politicians?
    No. We will NEVER ask you for any money.

  • Can anyone sign up?
    Yes! Please share the site with your family and friends.

  • I’ve got some great sea stories about the Jones Act. How can I share them?
    Please use the “Share Your Voice” section on the site to share your story!