China’s Navy Could Catch Up to America’s By 2030, Analysts Say

This article originally appeared in Popular Mechanics on September 6, 2022.  By Kyle Mizokami. China’s navy could nearly double in just eight years, resulting in a vastly more capable naval force than the one it fields today. Given the right spending priorities, Beijing could build at least two more aircraft carriers and four more ballistic missile submarines, based […]

China’s ‘new normal’ for Taiwan raises fears for global trade

Xi Jinping, 2019, Released by Chinese State Media Xinhua News Agency

This article originally appeared in Al Jazeera on August 11, 2022.  By Liam Gibson. As the howl of missile fire pauses over the Taiwan Strait, a new enduring risk to global trade is surfacing. Sustained shipping disruptions caused by frequent Chinese military activity around Taiwan could become what experts call a “new normal” for the […]