By Shipbuilders Council of America.

Winning Shipyards Received Award for Excellence in Safety, Award for Improvement in Safety, and Award for Significant Safety Achievement

WASHINGTON – The Shipbuilders Council of America (SCA), the national association representing the U.S. shipbuilding, maintenance and repair industry, today announced its annual member safety awards for the 2023 calendar year. This year, 18 shipyards are receiving awards for their achievements in safety.  

“Safety isn’t just a priority; it’s a fundamental pillar of our industrial base. These awards not only recognize excellence in safety practices but also show our industry’s dedication to ensuring every worker returns home safely each day. Our continued focus on safety not only protects our most valuable asset—our people—but also fortifies the foundation of our nation’s maritime capabilities,” said Matthew Paxton, President of the Shipbuilders Council of America. “Every year, SCA recognizes member facilities that exceed expectations in maintaining the highest safety standards and enhancing safety protocols across their organizations. This year’s winners exemplify outstanding safety accomplishments.”

“This year’s awards highlight the relentless efforts of our member facilities to foster a culture of safety. By prioritizing health and safety, these shipyards not only protect employees but also enhance operational efficiency and resilience,” said Brad Moyer, Vice President of Business Development & Strategic Planning for BAE Systems Ship Repair and Chairman of the Shipbuilders Council of America. “The impressive safety records of this year’s awardees reflect the commitment to continuous improvement and serve as an inspiration to other industries.”

The shipbuilding industry continues to improve on safety metrics year after year. This commitment to safety has allowed U.S. shipyards to adapt and address the obstacles that arose throughout the year while continuing operations.

SCA recognizes shipbuilding and repair organizations with the “Award for Excellence in Safety” and the “Award for Improvement in Safety” every year for the enhancement of operations and promotion of safety and accident prevention. The “Award for Significance in Safety Achievement” honors shipyards that saw 0 fatalities and had a total recordable incident rate (TRIR) of under 1.0.

The following shipyards and repair facilities were recognized for their safety practices this year:


Award for “Significance in Safety”


Award for “Excellence in Safety”


Award for “Improvement in Safety”


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