True to form, the WSJ has published another confused editorial that seeks to divert and distort the facts regarding the Colonial Pipeline cyber-attack towards a premature waiver of the Jones Act.

The American Maritime Partnership (AMP), the voice of the domestic maritime industry, today released the following statement regarding the Biden Administration’s issuance of a targeted Jones Act waiver in response to the Colonial Pipeline shutdown, which has disrupted the nation’s energy supply.

“Any waiver of U.S. law, including the Jones Act, should be done with precision and demand transparency and accountability of those who seek to benefit from such waiver. The Jones Act strengthens our industrial base and readiness, supports U.S. jobs and infrastructure, and protects homeland and national security.

It should not be waived unless, and only to the extent that, a waiver would respond to an urgent national security need that cannot reasonably be met with American ships.

The American Maritime Partnership does not object to the targeted approach of the Administration, but strenuously encourages all policymakers to hold accountable those who seek to benefit from any waiver to avoid undermining American jobs and consumers.”

Mike Roberts, President of the American Maritime Partnership